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Do you have Irish ancestors?

Do you yearn to know more about their home, their lives and their experiences living in Ireland before they left for pastures new? Would you like to find out if you have distant relatives still living in Ireland? The Limerick City Taxi Genealogy and Heritage tour may be for you.

Many people travel to Ireland just to explore the culture, history and heritage as well as its rugged beauty. Limerick City Taxis offer a range of tours for you to explore all that West Ireland has to offer from the comfort of a luxury taxi, driven by a professional and friendly driver who has all the local knowledge.

But many people feel an affinity with Ireland because of their ancestry, so they come to visit their ‘homeland’ to explore the world that their ancestors lived in. Limerick City Taxis offer unique and personal Genealogy and Heritage Taxi Tours so you can find out about the lives, the history and the culture of your actual ancestors.

What is a Genealogy Tour?

When you book a Genealogy and Heritage Taxi Tour with Limerick Taxis, you will be taken on a journey back through time, over hundreds of years, to find out exactly who your ancestors were, where and how they lived, who they married and how they died.

By providing us with a family name and a few details, our team will begin researching your family tree, to explore your unique history, so when you arrive on your visit, you can visit sites that are significant and personal to you.

Our team will dig deep into your ancestry, exploring church records, local newspapers and other genealogy sources to get a clearer picture of your ancestors, who they were, where they lived, got married, worked and died, as well as important events that happened in their lives. They may even discover a living relative of yours that you didn’t know about, making your experience deeply personal and captivating.

On the day of your tour, our professional and friendly driver will escort you to specific sites that are significant in relation to your ancestors. This may include churches, where they were baptised, married or buried. You may even be able to find their gravestone and you can also visit the town or village where your ancestors grew up and lived out their lives.

As you visit each site, our driver will provide you with the paperwork and records that our team have uncovered, so you have a souvenir of your tour that you can share with your family back home and keep forever. At the end of the tour, our driver will return you directly to your hotel or accommodation.

What does it include?

Research on your family tree and ancestry

Bespoke full day tour of sites of significance to your ancestors

Collection from your hotel or accommodation*

Transport in one of our warm and comfortable taxis

Professional, friendly and knowledgeable driver

Return journey to your hotel or accommodation

* We can even arrange your hotel accommodation for you. Please contact Limerick Taxis for more details.

Ancestry pack including all the documents related to your family history

How much does it cost?

Tours start from €700.

As each tour is completely unique and tailored to your specific family history, there is no set price.

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