Why should you book a taxi online?

We no longer live in a time when you need to search around for a taxi number at the end of a long night. Standing out in the rain waiting for a taxi that never arrives. Or worse still, a taxi turns up that looks like something out of Mad Max, with a driver who has no idea where they are going who seems hell bent on ripping you off. In this day and age, arranging a taxi can and should be a simple, straightforward process. And it is, but only if you book online.

Here are 4 reasons why booking a taxi online is the smart way to get from A to B.


Do you remember getting in a taxi and not knowing how much it was going to cost? Or agreeing a ‘price’ on the phone, only for the taxi driver to ask for double when you arrive? The uncertainty of the cost of a taxi used to be a nightmare, causing undue stress and making you dubious about calling a taxi in the first place. Book online and you get an instant quote, so you know exactly how much the journey is going to cost before even stepping foot in the taxi.


Booking a taxi used to take so much time and effort. Finding a taxi number or three, trying to get a response, see if they were available. It was a lot of hassle. Book online and you can use a simple booking system, where you can enter your destination, where you want to be picked up from and what time you want to be picked up. Then you just click and book. What could be easier?

And gone are the days when you are counting change out in the back of a cab, not sure if you’ve got enough to get home. There are so many ways to pay nowadays, with most taxis taking card payments. It’s even easier if you book online – you can pre-pay for your taxi beforehand, so no need to worry about having enough money or sorting out the payment at the end of the journey. Book online, pay online and just sit back and relax. How convenient is that?


Calling a minicab or a taxi number someone gave you in the pub can be hit and miss. Will they turn up? Will their vehicle be roadworthy, and will the driver know where they are going? Book online and you know you your taxi will turn up on time, with a warm and comfortable vehicle to transport you directly to your destination.

Professional Service

Waiting for a random taxi to arrive can be a little daunting, especially if you are travelling alone or at night. You may know very little about the taxi company you have called on to take you to your destination, which can be quite stressful. But book online and you know you are dealing with a professional, reputable company who take customer service very seriously and will make sure you get to your destination on time. You can rest assured your driver will be professional and courteous, making your journey a pleasant and relaxing one.

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