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Commercial and Corporate Services

Limerick Taxi offers a range of commercial and corporate services to support your business needs. We understand that your business relies on providing excellent service to your clients. Our professional same day courier service helps businesses like yours transport and deliver important packages and parcels directly to your required destination.

We can also provide transport for out-of-office activities and team-building excursions you may have organised, such as golfing, local rugby or football matches, horse-racing or tours to places of interest.

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Same Day Courier Service

Limerick Taxi offers a bespoke same day courier service for commercial and corporate customers. If you need something delivering today, Limerick Taxi is on hand to deliver documents, medical supplies, packages and parcels, directly to where you need them to go, right away.

No more waiting for the courier to pick up your package, or delays at the other end as the courier is on their route delivering other parcels, Limerick Taxi picks up and deliver your package immediately, with no delays. We track our drivers so we can identify the closest driver available, which means that we can pick up your parcel quickly, saving time and helping you meet your important deadlines. 

No more worrying about your parcel or package rattling around in the back of a delivery van. Your parcel will be hand delivered by one of our professional drivers, who take pride in delivering on time and with the utmost care.

So, when that parcel, that package, or those important documents are needed right away, trust Limerick Taxi to offer that door to door, same day service that couriers just can’t offer. Most packages are usually delivered within one or two hours, depending on the distance.

Limerick Taxi has experience delivering medical supplies, blood samples, prescriptions and other important cargo. So, whatever your parcel is, and no matter how urgent it is, let Limerick Taxi and our next level courier service take care of it for you.

How to book with us

Book your journey through our booking form. You can pre-pay for the journey through our booking form for an immediate quote.
One of our experienced drivers will pick up your package and transport it to your required destination, directly, with no delays.
Your important package will be hand-delivered by our driver as per your specific instruction to make sure that it arrives on time, and to the right destination.


Contact us to book a taxi service today

If you need to book an airport transfer, if you are interested in one of Limerick Taxi half-day or full-day taxi tours, or if you would like to use our same-day courier service, do not hesitate to get in touch below.

If you have any queries about any of our services or you would like to open a business account with us, please get in touch. We are very flexible and more than happy to help.

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